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‘Van Halen will always be his priority’: Tremonti Assures Fans Wolfgang Won't Be Leaving VH

'Van Halen will always be his priority': Tremonti Assures Fans Wolfgang Won't Be Leaving VH -

and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti has revealed in a recent interview with Metal Express Radio (via Van Halen News Desk) his desire to make Wolfgang Van Halen a permanent fixture of his self titled solo project.

However, Tremonit has assured Van Halen fans not to worry as he plans to work around the young bassist's commitments with the hard rock legends. 

Tremonti said:

"We're talking about doing this arrangement for good. Van Halen will always be his priority, whenever they are touring. When he's not touring, he'll be with us. He will write and play on the records and, if he is on tour with Van Halen, we will find somebody that he is comfortable with filling his shoes."

Tremonti had recently revealed that Wolfgang was part of their initial thought process for their current release, however the youngest Van Halen was otherwise occupied when they began recording the record. Now with Van Halen off the road for the time being and with Tremonti's Creed and Alter Bridge bassist Brian Marshall pulling out prior to their tour, Wolfgang became a last-minute and welcome addition to the band's line-up.

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