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TC Electronic Release Free ‘Echoes Of Brilliance’ Delay TonePrint Package

TC Electronic Release Free 'Echoes Of Brilliance' Delay TonePrint Package -

Hot on the heels of a very successful metal-themed TonePrint campaign, TC Electronic is launching a campaign centered around the effect that made them an industry standard: delay.

Aptly named 'Echoes Of Brilliance', this TonePrint campaign is a tribute to TC's dedication to delay and features a carefully selected range of TonePrint artists that represent the finest and most creative takes on delay as well as two of TC's own takes on the legendary RE-201 unit and Dynacord Echocord. This package of amazing sounds is available for free for both Flashback Delay and Flashback X4 Delay and Looper and can be downloaded at or through the free TonePrint App for iOS and Android.

The Echoes of Brilliance TonePrint package consists of 10 exciting artists on the TC Electronic TonePrint roster and 2 TonePrints made by TC. Starting with the TC TonePrints, Echoes Of Brilliance offers Space Echo, a tribute to the classic RE-201 unit, a piece of gear still hugely popular today with artists as diverse as Radiohead and Brian Setzer. Warm, gritty, exciting and highly customizable, the TonePrint tribute is true to its brother both in spirit and sound. The second TC TonePrint is Tape Echo, our sign of respect to the Dynacord Echocord. A fabled secret weapon for tone purists, this outta left field unit sounds much darker and 'mysterious' than what you'd expect from your typical delays. The Dynacord Echocord may be less known, but this classic tube tape-echo unit hides a true tone-monster within!

Other TonePrints guitarists can look forward to are ProGuitarShop's take on an Echoplex, the EP-3 Delay TonePrint, Harry McVeigh's Unfinished Business TonePrint, Joe Perry's Tape Lead Toneprint, Matt Beck's Tape Echo TonePrint, Pat Buchanan's Tape Delay TonePrint, Dann Huff's Tape Delay TonePrint, Yogi Lonich's Tape Delay TonePrint, Richard Fortus's SpaceEcho TonePrint and rounding out the Echoes Of Brilliance is a cool delay TonePrint by Troy van Leeuwen and a great all-round delay sound by Steffen Schackinger.

Echoes of Brilliance

Have you ever been inspired by delay? That one solo or sweet arpergiated lick that just struck a chord? Well, when it comes to delay, we're pretty much as good as it gets. Our legendary delays are an essential ingredient in countless hit songs and are a mainstay in the setup of legendary artists. Oh, and we've also included two TC Toneprints: Space Echo a sweet tribute to the classic RE-201 unit and Tape Echo - a cool nod to the Dynacord Echocord.

And yeah, this is all very high-end stuff so you'd probably have to wake up in a tub of ice with your kidneys missing to be able to afford this, right? Wrong. This package of great-sounding carefully selected delay sounds is available for absolutely free. You can have all the delay sounds that make guitar great - a complimentary creativity boost from us to you.

TonePrint - Signature effects

So, how are we able to do this? We have an initiative called TonePrint. Dripping with the DNA of rock, TonePrint is basically allowing the best of the best in music to build their customized version of our effects from the ground up. Since tons of great guitarists use our delays, a true "who's-who" in guitar have made their signature version as they use it live and in the studio.

We've done these for all our other effects too and these are the delay sounds available in our Echoes Of Brilliance. TonePrints are totally free and you can transfer them via USB but that's really a last resort since we made a TonePrint App which allows you to wirelessly beam your desired sounds straight to the pedal. yeah, that last sentence is so cool you might wanna read it twice - and then go download the Echoes Of Brilliance. Enjoy!


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