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Martinez Pro Guitar Support and Strap

Martinez Pro Guitar Support and Strap -

Guitarist innovator Martinez launches his patented applied for 'Martinez Pro Guitar Strap' and liberates the guitar spin made famous by ZZ Top.

Inspired by ergonomics and the guitar giggers sore neck, Martinez set about creating a total support system for guitarists. The results are brilliant and the 'Martinez Pro Guitar Strap' and its sister the 'Martinez Pro Guitar Support'are born. Get this: the strap neither hangs from or around your neck (no neck ache!!); holds any style of guitar from electric through to ukulele; has zero strap button faff; enables height adjustment in seconds; allows quick attach/release for multi-guitar performers; can be completely invisible to your audience; allows you to spin any guitar anywhere on your chest, or spin low like ZZ Top on the waist (mind your knees!!) and, as if that wasn't enough, it morphs into the 'Martinez Pro Guitar Support' for totally ergonomic playing whilst off the strap.

The 'Martinez Pro Guitar Support & Strap' is an awesome total support system for guitarists. You'll rock faster and harder, and after thousands of hours of dedicated practise over years of performance, you won't suffer nagging back, shoulder or neck ache


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