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Marshall Marks '50th Anniversary of Loud' with Release of Rock Board Game

Marshall Marks '50th Anniversary of Loud' with Release of Rock Board Game -

One of the world's most iconic brands of musical equipment, Marshall Amplification, joins up with the rock game of the century, Rock Science to celebrate '50 Years of Loud' with a limited edition version of the wildly popular Rock Science board game. With over 1,600 trivia questions ranging from early rock and metal to current artists, the Rock Science Marshall Game is a tribute to the immense contribution Marshall Amplification has made to music history.

"For a guitar aficionado this is a dream come true. 50 years of rock guitar history in one game." says Rock Science Creative Director, Jorge Bravo.

Rock Science is a board game for 2-6 players. The goal is to be the first to finish one lap around the board through the use of rock knowledge, clever betting and a bit of luck. Players answer questions about anecdotes, myths, rockers, albums, songs and Sex, Amps & Rock 'n' Roll. You can also be asked to hum the riffs of well-known rock songs.

All questions have three levels of difficulty: Poser, Fan and Scientist. Poser questions are easier so anyone can join the game!

All players are always involved since they bet on each other's rock knowledge.

With intuitive rules and fast gameplay it's quick (60 minutes) and easy to learn

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