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FourChords – the Ultimate Guitar Karaoke App

FourChords -  Ultimate Guitar Karaoke App 

Ever wanted to sit around the camp fire with your friends and be the cool guitar player but couldn't actually play the guitar? Well, FourChords, the Ultimate Guitar Karaoke app - free for Apple iPhone and iPad - has now launched on the Apple App Store and will enable absolutely everyone to play guitar.

FourChords is not an app to take you through sheet music or learning chords one at a time to learn guitar playing in the traditional sense. Instead FourChords presents songs from its extensive Songbook library of chart-toppers and classics in four easy-to-play chords.

Through its simple and attractive interface, each chord is represented with its own icon and the player is shown where and when to play the chord as FourChords takes you through the song enabling you to play your favourite songs literally straight away.

But whilst playing guitar is great on your own, FourChords also wants you to get together with your friends too. Every FourChords song includes the lyrics and together with the Video-record feature you can record you and your friends whilst you jam, or have a Christmas sing-a-long or even sitting with them in a muddy field in your wellington boots! Posted directly onto your social network channels, you can bring everyone closer to you and your music-making experience and even get them to join in!

From its continually updated Songbook library you'll be able to play anything from Oasis to Bruce Springsteen, One Direction to Carly Rae Jepsen and once you've got a basic understanding of the chords, download it for 0.69p per song and play it immediately - playing your favourite songs has never been easier.

FourChords wants to bring people together, make their own music and share it with everyone - download it for free now and see how it really is the Ultimate Guitar Karaoke!

Download FourChords App for free now on the App Store.

FourChords - The Ultimate Guitar Karaoke with easy chords and lyrics



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