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Devin Townsend Uses his Signature Peavey PXD Guitar on his Craziest Show to Date.

Devin Townsend Uses his Signature Peavey PXD Guitar on his Craziest Show to Date -

The recent release of Peavey artist Devin Townsend's fifteenth studio album and fifth album in the Devin Townsend Project series; 'Epicloud' can  be described as going between schizophrenic heavy metal, country to melodic hard rock all on the same disk.

The album joins Townsend's illustrious body of work including the likes of The Devin Townsend Project, Strapping Young Lad and a number of production credits; Darkest Hour and Lamb of God to name a few. With Townsend's daring reputation it was no surprise that fans of the extreme singer songwriter were excited to be apart of his 'Retinal Circus' show. The gig, which took place October 27th was in London's Round House and featured material from 'Epicloud'.

The monumental gig, which was labelled the most definitive 'Devin' show to date, was a culmination of his nearly his entire musical career with a full supporting cast and star studded line up. This included Jed Simon from Strapping Young Lad on guitar and a narration by Steve Vai on three big video screens.

The gig, named after an old club famous for psychedelic rock shows, showed to be more than just a music performance, with up to 20 people taking to the stage at any one point. Including the likes of fire-dancers and stilt-walkers, all adding to the 'circus' nature of the show.

Throughout the visually busy show Townsend regularly used his signature Peavey guitar, the Devin Townsend PXD. Allowing him to create the heavy metal tones through the performance with the 7-string baritone. Although his performance ranges from screaming to opera-like singing, Townsend's musical style is rooted in metal and his Peavey Devin Townsend PXD guitar allowed him to get the menacing rhythm and lead tones needed for such a unique performance.

The Devin Townsend PXD Signature guitar was recently made commercially available within Europe.

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