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Japan Looking to Fine or Imprison Illegal File Sharers

Japan Looking to Fine or Imprison Illegal File Sharers - 

The Japanese authorities have taken stringent steps in the battle against illegal downloading, with music fans found guilty now facing a possible two years in jail or a hefty fine, reports the BBC News.

The practice of downloading copyright-infringing files has been illegal in Japan since 2012, but a recent campaign by the Japanese music industry has seen the new & severe penalties introduced.  

Japan comes second only to the US with regards to the size of its music market and according to The Recording Industry Association, illegal downloads in the country outnumber legitimate purchases by ten to one and the nation's plans to detour the pirates are part of a wider global crackdown.

Recently several countries have began to take action against the pirates with the owner of Swedish file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay recently being deported back to Sweden to face tax charges. The US government have also been busy in their battle against illegal streaming after taking digital locker service Megaupload offline and the UK successfully fined and jailed the owner of SurftheChannel. 



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