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Is Jimmy Page Preparing to Release New Material?

Is Jimmy Page Preparing to Release New Material? -

It looks as though the recent  hype surrounding Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day movie has given guitarist Jimmy Page the bug to start recording again.

Page has worked on various post-Zepp projects and has spoken about recording and touring, however he has now hinted that seeing himself perform in the band's Celebration Day movie has 're-energised' him.

Page tells BBC6 Music:

"I'm starting to work next year, to be seen to be playing live. I'll definitely be doing an album at that point in time.

"I want to be playing - I want to be out there playing. That's what you'll understand from seeing this."

Back in 2009, Page appeared in 'It Might Get Loud' alongside Jack White and U2's the Edge. During filming he presented two new compositions he called 'Embryo 1' and 'Embryo 2' - the compositions marked the first new material from Page since 1999.



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