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Carl Barat: 'Up the Bracket' anniversary stirs up mixed emotions'

Carl Barat: 'Up the Bracket' anniversary stirs up mixed emotions' -

Libertines guitarist, Carl Barat has been speaking with NME on the 10th anniversary of their debut album, 'Up the Bracket' revealing that the celebration stirs up "mixed emotions" for him.

Barat explained that he feels "happy and sad in equal measure" when he thinks about the band's debut album.

He explained:

"It's like a time capsule, bristling. I feel beatific joy twinned with deep sorrow, which was what wrote the songs back then."

Barat also reveals in the Libertines birthday issue of NME that he had "a bit of a shock" when he was told of the album's 10 year anniversary believing it to be "only five at a push."

Commenting on the tribute CD which comes with the latest issue of the magazine, Barat said:

"There's definitely some pride there. Really, the first time I'd listened to it in about 10 years was when I heard the cover mount CD you lot made. And I couldn't even list the original tracklisting. I've got a lot of memories of it though."

The Libertines 'Up the Bracket' - NME Tribute

'Vertigo' (covered by Peace)
'Death On The Stairs' (covered by Spector)
'Horrorshow' (covered by Eyes On Film)
'Time For Heroes' (covered by The Milk)
'Boys In The Band' (covered by Stealing Sheep)
'Radio America' (covered by Mystery Jets)
'Up The Bracket' (covered by Howler)
'Tell The King' (covered by Tribes)
'The Boy Looked At Johnny' (covered by Marybell Katastrophy)
'Begging' (covered by The Cast Of Cheers)
'The Good Old Days' (covered by Tim Burgess)
'I Get Along' (covered by Splashh)


Up The Bracket


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