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Sonic Youth Reunited with Stolen Guitars After 13 Years

Sonic Youth Reunited with Stolen Guitars After 13 Years -

Noise rock legends Sonic Youth have been reunited with a pair of guitars that were stolen from a gig in 1999, reports PitchFork.

The incident took place prior to a festival appearance in Orange County on July.4 1999. The band's rented truck, which was loaded with £1000's of pounds worth of modified equipment , was taken during the middle of night and was later found in Los Angeles, empty.

However, over the years some the bands fans have kept Thurston and the band updated on any sightings of the pair of Jazzmasters and this month, the missing sixth and seventh guitars to be recovered from the robbery both reappeared within one week of each other.

Founding guitarist, Lee Ranaldo said:

"It's kind of wild. After all this time, things are still surfacing thanks to the diligence of fans."

One white Jazzmaster, used by Thurston Moore on tracks such as 'Bull in the Heather' and 'Dirty Boots' was discovered by a Belgan fan who noticed it on eBay.

The second was Roanaldo's burgundy Jazzmaster which was discovered on a sale at a pawn shop and recovered via a lengthy thread at the website, OffsetGuitars, a "forum of geeks for these kinds of guitars."

Ranaldo said:

"Three pages into this discussion, someone said, 'This looks like it's Sonic Youth-ized or one of those stolen SY guitars."

In related news Sonic Youth will be releasing a new live album recorded in August 1985 at Chicago's Smart Bar. The LP was recorded on a four-track tape recorder and will be released on November 14 via the band's label Goofin' Records.



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