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Dweezil Zappa the Latest Name to Back new Registry The Guitar Vaults

Dweezil Zappa the Latest Name to Back new Registry The Guitar Vaults -

Dweezil Zappa is the latest big name artist to back new guitar registry site TheGuitarVaults.

The idea behind TheGuitarVaults is simple, it's an online resource where anyone and everyone will be able to help create a comprehensive list of guitars and their serial numbers. As a user you'll be able to create a page for your guitars where you'll be able to include pictures and information, this will have a few uses.

Firstly, people will be able to surf and get info on guitars they're interested in, you'll be able to see what colours Gibson offered the Les Paul in for '57 and then what changed in '58. You'll be able to check out what bridge an old Gretsch should have, and what colour the original hardware was etc etc. For fans of the guitar, and the history of guitar, this resource could prove invaluable.

The other huge use for the site is for tracking stolen guitars, as Dweezil explains:

"Over the years, many of my friends and fellow musicians have had guitars stolen. Some have recovered them, but many will probably never see them again. In fact, my Dad had a guitar stolen in the 1960's; it was a Gibson Les Pail gold top that he played through the early days of The Mothers of Invention. Not only does this instrument hold historic and sentimental value to my family and the fans, but it's a pretty valueable vintage instrument in its own right. Even now, 40 years later, we still haven't managed to recover it"

With TheGuitarVaults, users will be able to register their guitars serial numbers then flag them as stolen if the worst happens. This means that with a huge international community, the word can get out fast and the owner has a much better chance of getting their gear back. Most pawn stores in the UK now check items that come in for devices like SmartWater, which alerts them to the theft of an item, with TheGuitarVaults, shops would have the option to check out the guitar before they buy it and check that everything is in order, and if it's not they can easily contact the original registered owner to find out what's happened.

Dweezil has joined the site, so why don't you and do everything you can to protect your prized instruments.



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