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Caposonic Introduces Revolutionary New Capo Design

Caposonic1It's not often we get excited about capo's but the new Caposonic is something a little different. This revolutionary design allows guitarists to play different chord voicings without moving the tuning pegs. For players who use open tunings or just guitarists who like experimenting this looks like a step forward in the world of capos.

The core of the CapoSonic is the same old tried and tested design, clamping to the neck of the guitar and essentially providing you with an extra finger to transpose.Caposonic -classic

It then expands on this familiar design adding extra fingers - instead of just providing a barred clamping, this capo lets you pick particular notes that you want to clamp or fret.

This means you have access to various open string tunings while retaining standard tuning across the fretboard. It lets you play unique open string drones while retaining the familiarity of standard tuning, for easy chords and scales.

But Caposonic are asking for you help to help launch this product and are running a kickstarter campaign for any guitar players who want to get their hands on one of these early. Designer Ben explains more in his press release:



Ben Ryan: I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Ben Ryan. I have invented a cool new musical device / instrument / innovation / invention. The device is based on the theory of using standard tuned guitars yet arriving at "open and alternative tunings" sounds. This enables the player to use standard chords, fingerings, scales and familiar progressions to arrive at new and unique "voicings" - It is truly revolutionary! In the next week, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign and in the mean time one is able to sign up at our site for updates as well as view the video. I am very excited by the effort and I am hoping we can work together to spread the word far and wide! website:






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