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Canadian shred master Dave Martone is teaching, touring and apparently, never tiring.

Canadian Shred Master Dave Martone is Teaching, Touring and Apparently, Never Tiring -

Shred master Dave Martone keeps a schedule not to be mimicked by the faint of heart. If he is not touring with Martone (his instrumental fusion band with Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair), he is playing with his latin Flamenco group Kadabra, teaching for Tom Lee Academy and Guitar Workshop Plus, writing books and DVD's for Alfred Publishing, releasing albums through Magna Carta Records, working in his studio Brainworks on his own recordings or producing other artists. In Dave's own words: "It all just fits in like a puzzle. Trust me... I work usually from 8am-10pm every day.. I feel guilty if I take even more than 4 hours off."

At the time of writing Dave was immersed in producing his second book/DVD project for Alfred Publishing: Shredding The Blues, scheduled for release at NAMM 2013. The Shred series features several 'shred masters'. Dave is well experienced in the teaching domain. He previously produced 22 instructional videos with Joe Satriani.

One piece of gear Dave relies on that makes an appearance in the Shred series is his Radial PZ-Select. Designed for guitars and basses that employ both magnetic and piezo pickups, the PZ-Select allows the artist to quickly select between pickups using the onboard footswitches. 

According to Dave:

"The PZ-Select is the main brain to my system. It enables me clean switching and phase control over my signal to get the fattest cleanest tone without hum."

Dave has been using Radial products for over 3 years now and also endorses two pedals from the Tonebone line, the Classic and the Hot British.

Soon the gear will get packed up to head into Dave's whirlwind of a schedule:

"Next I am off to Germany to work alongside of Uli John Roth, Greg Howe, etc at the Future Music school for 5 days of intense Master classes.  Then an outdoor festival with Kadabra, then a week long Masterclass with the Guitar Workshop Plus in Vancouver with Billy Sheehan. More Kadabra gigs, then a tour of Southern California with the Travis Larson Band. That will take me up until October at present."



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