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Billy Gibbons Earliest Work with The Moving Sidewalks to be Re-Released

Billy Gibbons Earliest Work with The Moving Sidewalks to be Re-Released -

Many know Billy Gibbons solely for his work as founding guitarist of Texan boogie rock legends ZZ Top. But before being rocketing to the heady heights of rock's upper echelons, Gibbons was an integral part of psychedelic blues outift, The Moving Sidewalks.

The band was rather short lived, lasting from 1967 - 69, and they released just the one album, 'Flash' in 1968. The band was originally formed as the Coachmen before switching to The Moving Sidewalks and they quickly became a fixture in their native Houston. 

The success brought by the band's debut single '99th Floor' led to them scoring a record deal with Wand Records. In '67 the band released their second single, 'Need Me' which led to them performing opening slots for Jimi Hendrix and the Doors.

The breakup of The Moving Sidewalks came when bassist Don Summers & keyboardist Tom Moore were drafted into the United States Army. Not long after, Gibbons and drummer Dan Mitchell formed ZZ Top with keyboardist Lainer Greg and the very first ZZ Top track, 'Salt Lick' was recorded and released on London Records. Come February 1970, Frank Beard and Dusty Hill had replaced the pair and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now some 50 years after their debut, The Moving Sidewalks 'Complete Collection' has been announced and set for release on Sept.25th. The collection will feature all of the tracks released on 'Flash' along with a number of non-LP singles, unreleased tracks and a unique cover of the Beatles 'I Want to Hold Your Hand.'

Moving Sidewalks, 'The Complete Collection' Track Listing

LP One

1. 'Flashback'
2. 'Scoun Da Be'
3. 'You Make Me Shake'
4. 'You Don't Know The Life'
5. 'Pluto-Sept. 31st'
6. 'No Good To Cry'
7. 'Crimson Witch'
8. 'Joe Blues'
9. 'Eclipse'
10. 'Reclipse'

LP Two

1. '99th Floor'
2. 'What Are You Going To Do'
3. 'What Are You Going To Do'

4. 'Need Me'
5. 'Every Night A New Surprise' (Ames)
6. 'Every Night A New Surprise' (Ames)
7. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'
8. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'
9. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'
10. 'Stay Away'
11. 'Stay Away'
12. 'Headin' Out'
13. Billy Gibbons & The Fanatics
14. '99th Floor' - The Coachmen (featuring Billy Gibbons)
15. 'Stay Away' - The Coachmen (featuring Billy Gibbons)
16. '99th Floor' - The Coachmen (featuring Billy Gibbons)


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