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Suhr Limited Edition Korina Flame Released

Suhr Korina Flame


The Korina Flame brings together classic American style and modern versatility. Admired for its tone and beauty,the Korina Flame is equally fit for performing live or to be displayed as a work of art. Our uncompromising commitment to quality and cutting edge technology make it perform like a Suhr.

The Korina neck and body have a balanced tone with a strong midrange growl that allow it to "cut through" ​the mix. The Maple top extends the frequency response, adding brilliance and punch. The Indian Rosewood fingerboard produces a warm and articulate tone while also adding sparkle to the highs. Body chambering not only reduces weight but also adds sweetness to the highs, and warmth to the lows.

As with all Suhr Pro Series guitars it is equipped with a Gotoh 510 bridge and Hipshot locking tuners to produce classic tremolo sounds with enhanced tuning stability. The V60LP & DSH pickups cover a wide sonic range making the Korina Flame a go-to instrument for virtually any occasion.

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Issue #75

Peter Green / Ivar Bjørnson

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