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LA Amp Show 2012

LA Amp Show 2012 -

The LA Amp & Custom Guitar show will return on October 6th & 7th to mark its 8th year in existence.

Taking place at the Airtel Plaza Hotel the two day event will feature exhibitors such as Bogner, 65 Amps, Egnater, Cameron Amplification, Evil Robot Amps, Fractal Audio, Metropoulos Amps, Friedman Amplification, LSL Instruments, Luxtone Guitars, Satellite Amps, Scumback Speakers, Suhr Guitars, Surreal Amplification and plenty more.

There's limited exhibit space available, follow the link for a reservation form.

Exhibitor list as of 8/1/12

65 Amps
Asher Guitars
BC Audo
Bogner Amps
Cameron Amplification
Club Amps
Colby Amplification
David Bray Amps
Earthquaker Devices
Egnater Amps
Electroplex Amps
Evil Robot Amps
Far East Electric
Floyd Rose Guitrs
Fractal Audio
Friedman Amplification
Glasswerks Amps
Goodsell Amps
Henning Amplification
Hovercraft Amps
Indigo Amplification
JBG Guitars
Jule Amps
Koch Amps
Lapdancer Guitars
Lipe Guitars
LSL Instruments  
Luxtone Guitars 

Mark L Customs 
Metropoulos Amps 
Music Connection 
NACE Amps 
O.C. Guitar works 
Outlaw Guitars 
Perfectone Cabs 
Phil Jones 
Quilter Labs 
Red Plate Amps 
Satellite Amps 
Scumback Speakers 
Solid Cables 
Star Amps 
Suhr Guitars
Surreal Amplification 
Sweetwood Guitars 
Tomaszewicz Amps 
Tone Alchemy 
Tonic Amps 
WCR Pickups 
Warehouse Guitar Speakers 
Xotic Guitars & Effects
Pedalboard From Hell

"Tone Wizards", Suprise TBA

There will also be some pretty awesome giveaways such as Mercury Magnetic's "Copper-Tone" cords, Pigtronix, Xotic boosters, Dunlop Strings, V-PICKS, SNAG, Tone-Guard, and more TBA



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