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Godlyke Announces Release of Maxon DB10 Dual Booster

Godlyke Announces Release of Maxon DB10 Dual Booster -

The company that invented the classic"808"overdrive has now re-invented the clean booster! 

Introducing the Maxon DB10 Dual Booster - a unique concept in booster design, the DB10 features two completely independent Boost circuits in a single compact housing.

Each of theDB10'sBoost circuits has its own input and output jacks, allowing them to be cascaded into one another in any order. 

In addition, a separate overdrive/distortion pedal can be placed in between theDB10'stwo channels, allowing the user to increase either Volume, amount of Gain, or both simultaneously.

Maxon DB10 Dual Boosterfeatures include:

  • Clean channel with +20 dB of boost and flat frequency response
  • Vintage channel with +20 dB of boost and slight hi-frequency roll-off
  • Individual Status Indicator LED's for each channel
  • 9-volt Battery or 9-18 Volt DC adaptor power options
  • Optional 18-volt operation improves dynamic range and headroom
  • Separate in/out jacks for each channel
  • Mechanical True Bypass switching for both channels
  • Close-proximity switches allow user to operate both channels simultaneously
  • MSRP:  $299,Street Price: $249

For more info on the Maxon DB10 Dual Boosterand other Maxonproducts, please visit our website, e-mail us at or call us toll-free at 866-246-3595 (international dial 973-777-7477).


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