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DigiTech Introduces Its Double Cross Delay For iStomp Downloadable Pedal

DigiTech Introduces Its Double Cross Delay For iStomp™ Downloadable Pedal

Double_cross_v8HARMAN's DigiTech today introduced Double Cross Delay, the newest e-pedal for the iStomp downloadable pedal. The Double Cross Delay is a unique two-second dual delay that produces alternating delay repeats between the pedal's two outputs. With the pedal's Spread knob set at 12 o'clock, the Double Cross provides a classic Ping-Pong delay effect. At extreme settings, the Double Cross creates rhythmic echoes that will give your playing a distinctive sound.

The pedal's time control provides a player the capability to adjust the delay time from 20ms to 2 seconds. When Tap Tempo is enabled, this knob will change the delay multiplier. Regen, Spread and Level knobs allow for adjustment to the number of delay repeats, the panning ratio of the repeats and the output level of the effect.

"The Double Cross Delay is unique in our e-pedal lineup because it takes advantage of the iStomp's stereo outputs to produce a unique ping pong effect you can't get from a traditional delay pedal," stated Rob Urry, vice president, HARMAN Professional Division and general manager of Signal Processing and Amplifier Business Units. 

The DigiTech Double Cross Delay e-pedal will be available immediately at an introductory price of $0.99. This introductory price will run through August 31, 2012. After the introductory period the price will change to $7.99.

The DigiTech iStomp is an entirely new concept in guitar stompboxes that allows musicians to turn the iStomp into any pedal in the Stomp Shop online pedal store. Offering almost limitless sonic possibilities, the iStomp connects to an Apple iOS device where musicians can use the Stomp Shop app to load it with the e-pedal of their choice. The Stomp Shop is a free app and comes with two of the most popular requested pedals, the DigiTech Total Recall Delay™ and the DigiTech Redline Overdrive™. It also gives access to additional pedals that musicians can browse, try out and purchase. With the iStomp and the Stomp Shop, DigiTech can deliver an ever-expanding array of exciting new pedals to guitar players worldwide.

The DigiTech iStomp is currently available at $179.95 suggested retail and $129.95 MAP.

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