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Blur Reveal Desire to Record a Film Score

Blur Reveal Desire to Record a Film Score -

Blur frontman Damon Albarn has revealed that the band would consider recording a new album, however only if it was for a film score.

The Colchester Brit-pop icons recently debuted two new tracks, 'Under the Westway' & 'The Puritan,' however it would appear talks of a new studio album have now been halted by Albarn.

Still, the Gorillaz mastermind has now put film makers on alert after an revealing in an interview with The Sun that the band would be interested in producing a soundtrack album. Albarn said that the band's upcoming Olympic closing ceremony would be their "last gig in the country this year and probably for a long time", he went on to say: "But that doesn't mean it's the end of Blur. If someone wanted us to do an album for a film I'd definitely be interested in something like that. So that's the offer."

Blur first parted ways 2003 but reunited to play a series of triumphant comeback concerts in 2009. Albarn has previously claimed that they would call it quits for good and bow out of after their Olympics show in London's Hyde Park.



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