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Andy Hunt of Matrix Amplification, is Proud to Release the CFR12 Passive Monitor

Andy Hunt of Matrix Amplification, is Proud to Release the CFR12 Passive Monitor -

Designed as a full range, full response audio monitor, the compact 12" coaxial solution at only 12.9kgs (29lb) offers a transparent sound, punching well above its size and weight.

The CFR12 provides the answer for guitar players using modellers who wish to benefit from the full array of tones the units are able to offer.

In a perfect world the guitarist should be able to develop a tone within their studio environment either through headphones or monitors and know that the same sound will be created by their choice of on stage monitor, which they should be able to carry onto the stage with ease.

Utilising a full range coaxial driver the CFR12 places both the high and low frequency drivers on the same axis. The 80 degree dispersion pattern enables the guitarist to move around the stage whilst hearing the same sweet spot of sound.

Whether used as an on-stage monitor in the wedge position, as a backline in smaller gigs or as a practice rig, the CFR12 delivers your sound, without compromise

Many guitarists who have heard the CFR12's running have been certain the sound was coming from the traditional heavyweight 4x12 cab sitting unplugged in the centre of the stage

Handling 260 Watts RMS and rated at 8 ohms, the CFR12 is a perfect match for the GT1000FX, GT800FX and GM50 amplifiers that are already available from Matrix.

The CFR12's are shipping now with an introductory price of $829* including delivery to the USA and £596 inclusive of VAT and delivery within the UK. Please check the online store for costs including shipping to other countries.

For more information please visit

* price excludes duty and import tax outside the EU.

Technical Specifications 

Weight:           12.9kg
Impedance:        8 Ohms
Power Handling:   260W RMS
Dimensions (mm):  463 H x 366 W x 274 D
Dimensions (in):  18.2 H x 14.4 W x 10.8 D
Connections:      Dual Combi Speakon + 1/4" jack





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