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Century Media Announce U-Turn on Spotify Withdrawal

Century Media Announce U-Turn on Spotify Withdrawal -

This time last year metal imprint Century Media announced they were to pull their entire catalogue from online streaming colossus, Spotify.

The label blamed the 'low per-play payment' the Swedish based company offers musicians, claiming it was considerably hurting the label's income. However, after nearly a year Century Media execs have made a u-turn on their decision and have announced their entire repertoire, as well as its associated labels InsideOut Music, Superball Music and People Like You Records, is once again available on Spotify.

"Spotify offers great tools to discover new artists. We feel that this is essential for our promising newcomers. In that respect, Spotify gives those artists a very good forum," states Antje Lange, general manager Europe.

"We respect that music fans wanted to have instant access to our catalog via Spotify," states President of North America Don Robertson. "But we also have to consider the rights of our artists. After practicing some due diligence, we're moving ahead confident that both the artist and the fan are being fairly served by this developing platform."

Steve Savoca, Head of Content at Spotify, adds: "Spotify's global growth provides a powerful platform for artists to connect directly with our hugely passionate audience. The return of Century Media's fantastic catalog is cranking Metal music to our ears."

Century Media have said they will continue to evaluate Spotify as a music discovery tool and welcome the fan's opportunity to preview a release before deciding to buy a copy.



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