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The FourBanger mk2 is Now Available

The FourBanger mk2 is Now Available -

This is an exciting 4-in-one boost that gives you a choice of four distinct flavours of boost to suit any occasion or style. Pushbutton switches allow you to choose any combination of the four, which allows for many "stacked" sounds that result in a diverse range of overdrive, distortion, and fuzz tones. This is where it truly stands apart from other boosts… it's like a dozen pedals in one!

The boosts are as follows:

R - Rangemaster - a modern recreation of the classic Rangemaster treble boost. I have painstakingly replicated the signature vowel-peak slightly dirty boost using modern components for lower noise and higher consistency and reliability.

M - MOSFET - my version of a popular boost known for its super hard sound. Not a simple copy, I've redesigned the circuit to feature my noise free "non-crackling" gain control and use a lower-noise transistor. The tone is clear and clean at low gain, and loud and fat when turned up.

O - Opamp - an original design boost circuit using an opamp. Designed to sound neutral and clean at low gain, but becomes a hot overdrive when turned up. Can be used as a high-quality buffer at minimum gain.

J - JFET - this is a hot boost based on the SRPP topology and utilizing Toshiba 2SK117 audio JFETs. The sound is an intense boost with a slightly lean low-end. When overdriven by the other boosts, it has a very tube-like character that makes it ideal in the last position.

The finish is hand-painted acrylic over baked enamel primer with a tough gloss over-coat. Each one is an individual and no two are exactly alike. It is as interesting visually as it is sonically.

Check out this demo of the SOULSONICFX Four Banger:

The Illuminated Overdrive is the result of my work reverse-engineering the popular Klon Centaur overdrive. But this isn't a simple copy, I use higher-quality components wherever I can and try to do whatever possible to wrench the most performance from the circuit. The most obvious difference is the addition of the 3-way toggle switch labelled "Norm, Hot, Asym". This selects between three different clipping modes, each with its own characteristic tone.

Norm is the normal mode - this gives the same signature dark overdrive sound as the original Centaur.

Asym gives an asymmetrical clipping mode which has a more active harmonic character and a tone many people consider "tube-like".

Hot is very loud and crunchy - almost the exact polar opposite of the soft, dark normal mode.

The finish is a true work of art as beautiful and unique as the overdrive itself. Each is hand-painted a deep metallic gold using iridescent acrylic pigments with a breathtaking silver vein pattern over top. A tough gloss over-coat protects the beauty.

All Illuminated Overdrives now include a True Bypass/Buffered toggle that allows you to select which bypass style works best with your rig at no additional charge!

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Issue #75

Peter Green / Ivar Bjørnson

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