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Peavey TKO Bass Amps now available in Europe

Peavey TKO Bass Amps now available in Europe -

Peavey has completely redesigned a bass combo amplifier, the Peavey TKO® for the Peavey Tour™ Series, with massive-yet-lightweight Class D power for a new generation of bass players.

The Peavey TKO has been the amplifier of choice for bassists looking for the best possible combination of power, tone, portability and value for more than 30 years. This mainstay has continued to evolve with exclusive features as Peavey engineers push the boundaries of technology, and this new model set a new standard in bass amplification. The Tour Series TKO gives players an incredible range of tone and power.

The 400-watt TKO has a seven-band graphic EQ with high and low shelving controls, plus bright and contour switches, effects loop, master volume and headphone out. The amp also features a built-in XLR direct interface that players can use to route the signal to the house sound system, while the new tilt-back design lets users angle the amp upward and use as a monitor.

The Peavey TKO bass amplifiers are available throughout Europe now.

TKO 115 features.

- 400 watts maximum Class D power

- 15" specially designed loudspeaker and high-frequency tweeter

- Seven-band graphic EQ with high and low shelving controls

- Pre-shape contour switch

- Bright switch

- Active/passive pickup switch

- Effects loop

- Master volume

- Headphone output

- Exclusive DDT™ speaker protection

- XLR direct interface

- ¼" powered external speaker jack

- Convenient tilt-back design

- Illuminated Peavey logo with dimmer control



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