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Jammit and Line 6 Mobile In: The Ultimate Jammit Experience!

Line 6 and Jammit have partnered to create the ultimate guitar jam-along experience for iPhone® and iPad®. With the Line 6 Mobile In interface and Jammit app, you can immerse yourself in your favorite artists' original recordings-and play along with incredibly authentic guitar tones.

 How does it work?

When a Line 6 Mobile In is plugged into your iPad or iPhone, it unlocks the Line 6 amp modeling engine that is built in to the latest version of Jammit (v.2.2.0) which is available right now in the  App Store.  Simply plug your guitar into the Mobile In, launch Jammit and load one of the songs in your library.  There are two ways to use the amp modeling in Jammit : Auto or Manual mode. 

Auto mode: On select songs (see the complete list of eligible songs below), patches have been created to automatically make your guitar sound like the guitar on the original recording. If the tone changes in the song, so does your guitar, so you can concentrate on playing your guitar, not your pedal board!

Manual mode: Press "manual" on the Line 6 user interface (selecting the Line 6 icon under the USER channel title), and scroll through the available preset patches. In manual mode, the sound patch that you select will remain throughout the song.

Can I create my own patches and use them in Jammit?

Yes you can, but you'll need to have your Mail program set up. Let me explain: With the purchase of the Line 6 Mobile In, you can use the Line 6 Mobile POD app (Free download).  This app allows you to create your own custom patches, and email them out of the iPad or iPhone.  Email the patch to yourself and when you receive it in your inbox, you'll have the opportunity to save the .L6T file to your Jammit app. Then this patch will show up in the patch carousel in the Line 6 user interface window when manual mode is selected.

Songs that Include Custom Tone-Matching Line 6 Patches:

Note: New versions of these songs are now available-if you've already purchased and downloaded these songs prior to June 18th,  you will have to update them in order to use them in Auto mode. To update, go to My Account (top left hand corner of the Library window), and select Check Purchases. You will be prompted to download the new versions of any of the following songs:

Albert King   Driving Wheel

Albert King   Sweet Fingers

Allman Brothers Band Blue Sky

Boston More Than a Feeling

Boston Foreplay/Long Time

Boston Hitch a Ride

Boston Peace of Mind

Boston Rock and Roll Band

Boston Smokin'

Boston  Something About You

Bullet for My Valentine Waking the Demon

Bullet for My Valentine Your Betrayal    

Deep Purple  Smoke on the Water

Deep Purple Space Truckin'

Doobie Brothers Listen to the Music

Dream Theater Panic Attack

Dream Theater Pull Me Under

Dream Theater These Walls

Foo Fighters My Hero (coming soon!)

George Thorogood Bad to the Bone

James Gang Funk 49

Lamb of God Barbarosa

Lamb of God Cheated

Lamb of God Desolation

Lamb of God Ghost Walking

Lamb of God Guilty

Lamb of God Insurrection

Lamb of God Invictus

Lamb of God King Me

Lamb of God Redneck

Lamb of God Straight for the Sun

Lamb of God Terminally Unique

Lamb of God The Number Six

Lamb of God The Undertow

Lamb of God To The End

Lamb of God  Visitation

Lamb of God Walk With Me in Hell

Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People

Mastodon Colony of Birchmen

Mastodon Curl of the Burl

Mastodon Oblivion

Megadeth Peace Sells

Megadeth Sweating Bullets

Megadeth Symphony of Destruction

Montrose Rock Candy

Pantera A New Level

Pantera By Demons Be Driven

Pantera Fucking Hostile

Pantera Hollow

Pantera Live in a Hole

Pantera Mouth for War

Pantera No Good (Attack the Radical)

Pantera Piss

Pantera Regular People

Pantera Rise

Pantera This Love

Pantera Walk

Pantera War Nerve NEW!

Paul Gilbert Olympic

Paul Gilbert  The Curse of the Castle Dragon

Paul Gilbert Blowtorch

Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe

Rush   2112 Pt 1

Rush   2112 Pt 2

Rush   2112 Pt 3

Rush   Closer to the Heart

Rush   Limelight

Rush   Red Barchetta

Rush   Subdivisions

Rush   Tom Sawyer

Rush   YYZ

Soundgarden Rusty Cage

Steve Vai Juice

Train  Hey Soul Sister

Wolfmother Woman

Yes Heart of the Sunrise

Yes Roundabout

Yes South Side of the Sky

Yes Long Distance Runaround

...with more songs being added daily!


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