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Warwick Welcomes Bass Icon Scott Reeder to the Warwick Family of Endorsers

Warwick Welcomes Bass Icon Scott Reeder to the Warwick Family of Endorsers -

Scott Reeder is a world renowned bassist who has been at the forefront of rock revolutions, toured around the world many times over, and has in most recent years become a well-respected producer and engineer while still reaching heights as one of the most sought-after bassists around today.

Scott began his career in the late 80's in his native Palm Desert region of California playing in the seminal band Across the River. After joining The Obsessed, Scott left to join Kyuss, the pioneers of the "Stoner Rock" (often referred to "Desert Rock") style. He has been touring and holding down bass duties in various other bands and recording projects ever since.

As a young left-handed bass player, Scott learned on a regular right-handed bass that he simply flipped over, so he plays the bass with the strings in a mirror image of most players. This lends a unique aspect to his tone, which is comprised of an aggressive fingerstyle attack that has led to him being one of the most legendary bassists in the Alternative, Doom and Stoner Rock genres.

Scott had a brief stint playing with Tool, as well as being one of the final bassists in the running to join Metallica after the departure of Jason Newsted. (As documented in the film Some Kind of Monster.) Other projects since Kyuss' first incarnation include rejoining doom metal legends The Obsessed, as well as albums and tours with Goatsnake, Unida, Butcher, Ten East, and many more.

Most recently, Scott has taken part in the film and music project "Sound City", masterminded by Dave Grohl (of the Foo Fighters), and has been on tour with the reformed version of Kyuss, referred to as Kyuss Lives!

Scott is currently playing a Thumb BO 4-string bass, and a personalized custom shop Katana is in production.


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