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Metallica Release Pro Shot Footage From Pre-Show Tuning Room Jam + Live Performance of 'Nothing Else Matters'

Metallica have released footage from a pre-show tuning-room jam and a live performance of "Nothing Else Matters" from their show at Stadio Friuli in Udine, Italy through their official website


Watch the video below.


Metallica performed their top-selling 1991 LP, "Metallica", a.k.a. "the black album," in its entirety at the Udine concert. As they have done on all the shows on their current European tour, the band played the LP backwards, starting with closing number "The Struggle Within" and ending with "Enter Sandman".
The band's setlist was as follows:


01. Hit The Lights
02. Master Of Puppets
03. Fuel
04. For Whom The Bell Tolls
05. Hell And Back
06. The Struggle Within
07. My Friend Of Misery
08. The God That Failed
09. Of Wolf And Man
10. Nothing Else Matters
11. Through The Never
12. Don't Tread On Me
13. Wherever I May Roam
14. The Unforgiven
15. Holier Than Thou
16. Sad But True
17. Enter Sandman
18. Battery
19. One
20. Seek And Destroy


Asked whose idea it was for Metallica to play the "black" album in reverse on the current tour, the band's drummer, Lars Ulrich, told Rolling Stone magazine, "If you like the idea, it was mine. If you don't, it was James' [Hetfield, guitar/vocals]. For better or worse, I'm the setlist guy. This is all subject to change if it doesn't work. But the idea of starting off with the lesser-known songs buried down there and ending up with 'Sad But True' and 'Enter Sandman' seems like a winner. You finish with the money shot, which is the first song."







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