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'Still In Love With You: The Phil Lynott Exhibition' comes to London!

After an impressive eight-month run in Dublin, 'Still In Love With You: The Phil Lynott Exhibition' has made its way to the UK for a limited time only.

The exhibit, which started on April 5, will run until June 24th at the British Music Experience at the O2 Bubble in Greenwich, South London.  

The Philip Lynott Exhibition will feature lyric books, guitars and basses as well as some of Lizzy's most flamboyant stage outfits along with treasure trove of Philo and Thin Lizzy memorabilia. However, the 'jewel in the crown' of the exhibit is undoubtedly Lynotts personal diary from his days on the road with the Irish rockers. Also on show is a huge amount of new material from the archives of Irish music magazine Hot Press, as well as additional photographs, original paintings and other exclusive artwork

The exhibition is supported by The Doyle Collection, whose Marylebone Hotel is a favoured stop-off point for people in the music, film and entertainment business.

"It's an exhibition for anyone who loves music," Hot Press editor Niall Stokes said, "and especially for musicians it offers a special insight into what it is to be a musician and a songwriter."

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