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Rolling Stones Movie: Virgin Buys Rights To 'Exile on Main Street' Book


Rolling Stones 1972 classic double-album 'Exile on Main St' is to be turned into feature film, reports the Rolling Stone.

In 2008 a book detailing the infamous recording sessions which took place during the Summer of 1971 was released by former rock-journalist Robert Greenfield and now Virgin Produced have purchased the film rights.

The album features iconic Stones tracks such as 'Tumblin' Dice' and 'All Down the Line' and has been touted by some as the band's best work. The recordings took place within the confides of Keith Richards rented French villa and was plagued by in-house conflicts and drug & drink abuse. It was also at a time when the band were steering clear of the British Government due to a spiralling tax bill and was just two years after founding bassist Brian Jones was found motionless at the bottom of his swimming pool at Cotchford Farm.

Speaking previously about making the record, Keith said: ''It wasn't a great environment for, like, breathing. It was very Hitleresque - the last days of Berlin sort of thing.''




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