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New Smashing Pumpkins Album Is Part Of A Bigger Project

New details have emerged about the forthcoming Smashing Pumpkins album. Yesterday, a press release from the band stated that their new album, due to be released through EMI on June 18th would be part of a 44 track opus, 'Teargarden By Kaleidyscope' which will be released piece by piece online, with the band still in the opening stages. The project is described as 'an album within an album' and will rest within the over-arching structure of 'Teargarden By Kaleidyscope'.

Peter Katsis - Smashing Pumpkins manager - said: "The Smashing Pumpkins created 'Oceania' as an album experience, and it is intended for the process of the release to follow a path of inclusion, so that best efforts are made for all the fans hear it at the same time as press or radio".

"We were excited to find partners in EMI that were equally passionate about the plan for the album release as well as being huge fans of the Pumpkins."

The LP, which will be the band's seventh studio record, produced by singer Billy Corgan over the last two years has been described by the singer as the band's best album in over 15 years and their strongest offering since 1995's 'Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness'.

Speaking to Billboard last year, Billy Corgan explained his decision to revert back to the traditional album format. "I just saw we weren't getting the penetration in to everybody that I would have hoped. I mean, we have 1.3 million followers on our Facebook page, right? So you think you put a song up and 1.3 million people are going to see it, but only if they're looking at the exact moment it goes up."

"They're not necessarily searching and their friends aren't necessarily going to tell them about it. I just saw that we weren't reaching the sort of casual person who still gets their information from traditional sources. So I thought, 'What do I need to do?' and then I thought, 'OK, I'll go back to making an album.'"

Smashing Pumpkins will release 'Oceania' through EMI on June 18th.


The tracklisting for 'Oceania' is as follows:


'Stella P And The People Mover'


'The Celestials'

'Violet Rays'

'My Love Is Winter'

'One Diamond, One Heart'



'Pale Horse'

'The Chimera'






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