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Laney unveil the new Tony Iommi Signature Model Amp at Musikmesse

Laney Amplification unveil the brand new Tony Iommi Signature Model Amp at the Frankfurt Musikmesse.

Celebrating the four decades since Black Sabbath first unleashed heavy metal into the world, Laney have joined Tony Iommi on his long journey as his amp of choice.

Previous Iommi signature models have included the GH100TI, which was released almost 20 years ago this year.  The new TI100 represents a dramatic leap forward for the amp makers.

"Born out of an exhaustive period of product development, carried out hand in hand with Tony, with Tony bringing unique insight, suggestions and innovations at every stage of the process, whilst continually assessing and refining the sonic character of guitar tone." Laney say in their announcement at 

Speaking about the TI100, the legendary guitarist says 

"Almost 40 years ago I embarked on my musical journey with Laney.  My first signature Laney amp, the GH100TI came out almost 20 years ago and it served me faithfully on the biggest stages in the world with Black Sabbath as well as recently with Heaven & Hell.  I'm always searching for more out of my tone, more flexibility, more dynamics and that's where my ideas for the new TI100 came from.  It took time and dedication to get it right and I'm happy to say I was involved in each step of the amps design, development & testing.  The end result is a signature amp that I am extremely proud of and happy to stand in front of anywhere in the world.  The TI100 represents everything I've ever wanted in an amp, it's fabulous"


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