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Carlsbro Shows Classic Tube and New VAC Amp Series Amps at Frankfurt

The revival of the classic British Carlsbro guitar amplifier marque continues apace at Frankfurt, with the company exhibiting the full line up of its classic re-engineered heritage tone amps and the first European showing of the exciting new VAC tube series.

Carlsbro is among the most famous names in British guitar amplification and has been designing and manufacturing guitar tube amps since 1959, selling its early models to Jim Marshall's Denmark Street guitar store in London. The famous 50 Top and TC series revives the Carlsbro tube heritage with uncompromising build quality, hand selected components and authentic vintage tone throughout. The 50 Top head and 4 x 12 cab are available in classic red and black liveries, while the TC series comprises three classic combos and a 15 watt head and 1x12 stack.

The re-issued 50 Top is the classic Carlsbro tube head and cab of the 60s and 70s revamped and re-engineered to even higher standards. The new twin channel amp head has switchable (and footswitacble) channels and two master volumes. The valve complement of 4x 12AXT's and 2x EL84's give 50 watts of incredible power at 8! or 16!'s. The preamp has a host of features including Hi and Low sensitivity inputs, 3 band EQ, using Silvered Mica Capacitors, and 'Sleep Mode' automatic muting with no input present.

For the TC series Carlsbro's British engineering team has carefully selected and pre tested all valves prior to installation; only valves with a very high gain have been chosen to deliver the authentic Carlsbro vintage tone. Selected Celestion drivers have been used throughout, housed in high quality plywood cabinets. New to the range is the TC5, Carlsbro's first 5 watt, single channel combo for over 32 years. The TC5 specs include a clean channel with hi / lo sensitivity inputs, tone and volume controls. The TC30 is derived directly from the highly successful TC60, delivering the same classic tone and features in a smaller 30 watt amp. Clean and Overdrive channels feature Gain / Overdrive, tone and level controls, and 2-band EQ, with Gain Boost in the Overdrive channel. The TC15H / TC112 stack features a head and cab both respected in their own right, which together make a perfect combination. The 15 watt head features twin 12AX7 and 6V6S valves and Clean and Overdrive (with Gain Boost) channels. The single 12 inch Celestion G12M loaded cab delivers all the punch and classic vintage tone.

The all new VAC series comprises the VAC 15, VAC 30 and VAC 60 combos, and the VAC 100H head and matched VAC 412 4x12 cab. The series was designed in response to requests from the company's international distributors for a high performance affordable backline amp range. All amps feature spring reverb.

Commenting on the development of the VAC Series, International Sales Director Andrew Bishop stated: "Carlsbro has a long tradition of working closely with its distributors and retailers in developing product for which there is clear market demand. These amplifiers are the latest example of that relationship, specified to offer an entry level product of exceptional quality and performance, such that they will be valued for their sound and build, even by very experienced players. The VAC Series will be very hard to beat in terms of bang for your buck."


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