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Steve Trovato - Country Style Guitar Part 8: Flashy Country

Lesson Notes

** As featured in issue 33 **

In this guitar lesson lesson you will learn how to play flashy fast Country guitar ideas and licks. This type of guitar lick never ceases to turn heads while adding sophistication to your country guitar solos.

This lesson will be in the open position and in the key of G. The licks in this lesson are rooted in Bluegrass. Chromatic notes will be added here and there to spice up the phrases adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to your playing.

Example 1:

This is a call and response lick with the second phrase answering the first.

The entire solo is drawn from the open position G major pentatonic scale.

Start with a pull off from the G on the first string 3rd fret to the open E. Next, a pull off from D on the second string to open B. The next move is handled using hybrid picking technique. Pick the third string and slide from A to Bb using your middle finger. Then play the open second string using your middle finger and then the third string open. Allow two notes to ring into each other creating a bit of a dissonant effect. The dissonance is actually a part of the sound in this type of playing. Finish the first half by playing E to D on the forth string and ending on an open G.

The second half or “answer” is set up with a slide on the third string from Bb to B with your second finger. Next, play a D on the second string with your first finger. Using your pick to play the third string and your middle finger to pick the second string chromatically move this shape down the fret board. The notes on third string are played using your pick and the notes on the second string are played using your middle finger. The remainder of the lick is played on the third and fourth string.

Lastly, play E to D on the forth string and end on an open G note.

Example 2:

This next example, also in the key of G, is played in the open position. It features a bluesy minor pentatonic sound as opposed to the major pentatonic sound of example 1.

Start by playing from G to F on the first string. Move to the second string and play C# to D. Next, play an F note at the first fret of the first string, move to the second string and play chromatically from D to C. Then, a quick pull off from C# to C natural on the second string using your second and first fingers respectively. The next two notes are C on the second string and Bb on the third. Use hybrid picking playing the second string with your middle finger and the third string with your pick.

Example 3:

This is a classic lick once again in the open position. It starts on beat one and the rhythm is steady 16th notes. It is played entirely with the pick. The first two notes are D and E on the fourth string: The next three notes are played on the third string. Play the G as an open string and then slide from A to B using your second finger. Play D to E on the second string using your first and second fingers. The descending second half of the lick is played by backtracking to the beginning. It’s best to watch the video here for clarity.

Have fun!

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