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Sam Bell Rhythm Guitar Concepts Part 6: Chord Progression Embellishments

Lesson Notes

•• Featured in issue 58 ••

Welcome to the sixth instalment of my Rhythm Guitar column. In this lesson, I look at adding embellishments to a chord progression. I go through some phrases that you can easily borrow and apply to your own playing—but the main goal of this lesson is to open us up to finding your own chordal embellishments and manoeuvres. 

 There are many times in various musical situations where a section of music might call for an instrumental section. As guitarists, we can often go into "solo mode" (which isn't a bad thing) and start playing single-note lines, travelling up the pentatonic scale etc. 

However, some songs and musical situations don't necessarily call for a conventional guitar solo.  It helps to have some tools at our disposal that help us fill that space without leaving behind the rhythmic element of our chord progression. 

In this column, we're looking at how we can visualise scales around each CAGED chord pattern. First, we'll look at the overall position of each chord and the corresponding scale pattern; then, we make the information more bitesize and applicable to a musical situation by breaking down the visualisation into three string voicings within the position. 

 Then we'll look at how to create some classic double stop phrases and fills that connect the chord progression together. These then can be used over any given major or minor chord in a progression. After a bit of practice with this concept, you'll have some moves/paths that you can utilise with other chord progressions.

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