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Nick Jennison - The Ultimate Guide To Melody & Phrasing: Part 7 - Modern Prog Rock Solo Rationale

Lesson Notes

Our first phrases outline resolution to that inquisitive 5th interval, setting up a feeling of anticipation for the following phrases.

The following phrases feature the same note choice in our set up and a thematic rhythm to solidify the phrases as a motif, although using a triplet based approach introduces some more subtle instability. The 3rds and 7ths keep things stable and familiar but still set up the final resolution to the root.

Our next set of phrases see a departure from the first group of melodic motifs and focus on building intensity using speedy pentatonic runs. There are, however, some elements which deliberately mirror our earlier phrases in terms of note choice and resolution.

Our following phrases work towards a resolution to the E root through a series of repeating licks. This puts a very definite full stop to the section.

In the B section we establish a new melody, with an exploration of contrasting registers - starting high and reiterating down low. The climatic big bends to the B note hint at a musical conclusion, tricking the listener somewhat before the track actually drops down in volume.

We continue to develop our melody in the next section with some additional notes but contrast our choice of resolving notes from E to B. We also mirror the rhythmic figure in the backing track through that interesting octaves idea.

Our final passage used the faster shred sweeping phrases to set up for two previous melodies we have already established. With a quick shred lick to give a final sense of resolution when we land on the last melodic line.

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