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Nick Jennison - The Ultimate Guide To Melody & Phrasing: Part 5 - Modern Soul Solo Rationale

Lesson Notes

The opening melodic idea uses our intervallic ideas to add complexity and less stable element - moving from the root to the 3rd as our target note.

Taking our melody into a higher octave and adding those guitar specific nuances give another feeling of progression and direction.

Increasing the intensity on the approach to the B section was achieved by playing a variation of our melody, with a push to our timing. Our second phrase features the 5th, which has been withheld up to this point. Repeating this 5th in phrase 3 gives a more A B B solo structure. Plus adding more nuances on the approach.

In section two of our solo the aim was to introduce and establish a new melody. By following the obvious chord tones this also helps the listener latch on to the part of the progression.

Switching to the stylistic use of double stops is a great way to reiterate our previous melodies is a deliberate way to add intensity.

The use of pedal steel style licks and techniques not only places a marker; dividing the solo, giving the effect of trading solos with a switch of  instruments, but takes us progressively through downwards shifts in register.

Rounding the solo off with a return to a simpler melody gave a sense of closure, adding the tapped harmonics created flare and interest whilst returning to a variation of our earlier melody.

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