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Don Alder - Percussion Techniques For The Acoustic Guitarist Part 4

Lesson Notes

** As featured in issue 17 **

First off, I just want to say thanks for spending time with me over the previous lessons where we looked at a variety of modern percussive acoustic guitar techniques to expand your tonal palette and of course the groove piece which will close out my column time with you. I hope to be back soon. If you've enjoyed any of these acoustic guitar lessons please let us know. It's been a thrill for me working with the amazing team they have. All of them are extremely passionate about all aspects of guitar playing, including acoustic guitar.

So let's finish off this groove. Remember touch and percussive elements are key to making this piece. You also want to create the illusion that there's more then one instrument being played so focus on creating tonal separation with your percussive parts.

The piece involves a bass section, simple melody section along with chords

The bass notes are  E - F# - G - D - C -  D - C -  B -  A# - B  (all on the low E string)

The melody notes are  B - D (hammer on/ pull off) landing on  to the G note ( on the B string) note then open high E string  finishing with two strings played together, the open B string along with C note (on the low E string).

Section 1 Chords are  C#m7#5, C#7sus2#5 or B7 for variation, Em, A#m#5,  Bm#5, D#m#5,  C#m#5, C6

Section 2 chords, em, d, Gsus, G5, Csus2, G

So keep an eye out for me in future lessons where we will look at some tapping techniques!

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