Issue #82


YJM, WVH, L.I.F.E. and a whole lot more…

Yngwie Malmsteen has always stood for uncompromising excellence. He has proven himself to be a unique artist in a career that now spans more than 40 years. You can try to categorise him in any way you wish, but how this supreme Swedish craftsman has continually developed his music makes YJM sublimely transcend any definition you attempt to impose. With 'Parabellum' (his 21st solo studio album) out now, Gi editor Jonathan Graham chats with Yngwie about the new record, playing Russia in the '80s, his approach to improvisation, thoughts on 7-string guitars and much more.

Continuing our exclusive features on this issue's cover artist Yngwie Malmsteen, Nick Jennison breaks down the unmistakable phrasing and killer technique of the man himself in this issue's Guitar Interactive Tech session.

If that's not enough, we talk with Wolfgang Van Halen about his incredible debut MAMMOTH WVH, stepping out of the shadow of 14 years as a part of Van Halen and so much more. We also, speak to Josh Rand about his new musical direction in the form of The L.I.F.E. Project, his love of Ibanez guitars, as well as the future of Stone Sour.

As usual, with every issue, we have a whole host of the latest and best gear reviews from around the world of guitar, with our team of world-class gear reviewers offering their unique insight, expertise, and personality, which as always, I hope you will enjoy. However, if that's still not enough, don't forget all of our exclusive lessons from Nick Jennison, Tom Quayle, Sam Bell & Giorgio Serci.

See you next time.

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