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Deeflexx Sound Deflection System

Issue #7

Demonstrating this kind of a product on a video, where the sound is picked up with a single or dual microphone set-up is notoriously difficult, as you really need to be in the room to get the full effect, but you can really hear the effect on our review video.
Tom Quayle

Deeflexx Sound Deflection System

The Deeflexx is a high-end sound deflection system designed to even-out the beam of sound produced by loudspeakers in guitar, bass and keyboard cabs. But does it work and do you need one? Tom Quayle investigates…

Austrian designer, Hubert Hochleitner, the creator of the Deeflexx Sound Deflection System, says he invented the device to solve problem that bedevils all loudspeakers - that they produce a beam of sound. You’ll have experienced this beam effect if you’ve ever EQd a great tone and then put your ear down at the same level as the speaker and heard a totally different sound. Usually it will appear to be much more shrill, with pronounced high and bottom end frequencies as your ear becomes level with the speaker.

You will also probably have noticed that, as you move around a large enough room, your tone will change depending on where you are relative to the speaker. Again, it happens because the majority of the sound is distributed in one direction as a beam. Conversely, it can often be a problem to hear yourself or be heard by other band members on stage, as all of your sound is being pushed into the audience away from you. You may even have experienced this as an audience member where being stood or sat directly in front of a speaker can be a painful, whereas the guys either side of you are enjoying a much better tonal experience.

The Deeflexx looks to solve these problems by sitting in front of your speaker and distributing the sound around the room in a much more even fashion and removing the harshness of the beam for the musicians and the audience.

The unit certainly looks the part, constructed from very high grade, reassuringly strong plastic. It wouldn’t look out of place as a modern sculpture in a New York loft apartment. The foot of the unit slides under the base of your cab, holding the V-shaped structure in front of the speaker to deflect the sound around the room. At the moment the Deeflexx will only work with 1x12 or 2x12 cabs, as the speaker needs to be positioned close to the floor so that the structure can deflect the sound ad adequately, so if you’re lugging a huge 4x12 around then you need not apply. Things are more complicated with oversized or ported cabs but the Deeflexx will still work as long as the speaker is positioned in front of the unit.

Demonstrating this kind of a product on a video, where the sound is picked up with a single or dual microphone set-up is notoriously difficult, as you really need to be in the room to get the full effect, but you can really hear the effect on our review video.

I sat to the right hand side of the amp and, once positioned in front of our studio cab, the Deeflexx did a remarkable job of opening up the sound and recapturing the frequencies that were present in the original beam of sound from the speaker but not reaching me in my seated position. Even the film crew sat either side of the stage could hear a marked difference in the tone that was reaching their ears, saying the could experience a warmer sound and less variation around the room.

We tested the deflection capabilities of the unit by positioning a microphone about 1.5 metres above the cab and moving the Deeflexx in and out of position.  The change in the signal picked up by the mic was great with the unit in place and the sound in front of the amplifier was far less harsh and piercing.

The Deeflexx would be really useful in a number of situations. Live, you’ll be able to spread your sound around the stage more effectively and hear a better representation of your tone without resorting to tilting the cab or lifting it up on a stool. For recording, I had great results positioning a mic just above the top of the unit where a sweet spot seemed to occur in frequencies and gave me better results than miking-up a single spot on the speaker.

This build quality and impressive performance come at a high price tag. However, you are getting a unit that isn’t simply a beam blocker. It has been designed very professionally and with care and does its job very well. For the bedroom guitarist and hobbyist I’m not sure this is going to be a necessary purchase but for semi-pro and certainly pro players who value their sound on stage and in the audience this could be a very worthwhile purchase, likewise for mobile studios, film sound crews, hire companies - there’s a long list of potential customers. Just bear in mind that you’ll need one Deeflexx for each speaker that you’re using.

I know a number of guitarists who won’t do a gig without one now and I highly recommend that you check it out.

So far the Deeflexx system is only available in Europe, but the manufacturer is actively looking for distribution in other areas.

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