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Darkglass Ultra Plugins by Neural DSP

Issue #65

Darkglass Ultra Plugins by Neural DSP

Guitar Interactive star rating: 4.5

MSRP €99.00



Two amazing pedals in one well crafted Plug-In.

High-Quality profile rendering.



You need your computer and an interface, of course! 




Darkglass B7K Ultra (B7U)

Darkglass Vintage Deluxe Ultra (VDU)

32 - 64-bit VST / AU / AAX / Standalone



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Dan Veall returns with a brand new review, and for this product, Neural DSP has partnered with Darkglass Electronics, who have been creating products that have changed the way bass players craft their sound, to bring you the first official Darkglass plugins modelled on two of their best selling products:the B7K Ultra and the Vintage Ultra






Darkglass is right back with a new product, almost flying out the doors hot on the heels of the last review pedals we had in from them.


We’ve had the hardware, but now we’re going virtual! 


We live in exciting times, (yes I have said it before!) DSP of yesteryear, although good at the time can’t hold a candle to the technology that is making waves today.. you could even say, rocking the boat for the staunch supporters of “nothing can compete with Tubes”.


It’s almost mind-boggling to think that with a tiny piece of software you have access to not one but TWO of Darkglass’ probably most well-known pedals. Not only that, the “app” works as a both a standalone “window” or you can integrate the plug-in in to your DAW set up, or, if you are using a computer on stage, whatever application you may be using to run your live set up - A Mac user for example maybe be running the rather good MainStage.


Today we are running the plugin for fun in Logic Pro X, and I have set up a drum loop with my favourite drum plugin, Toontrack’s EZDrummer 2.


On the first page of the application, you are greeted with either the option of an exceptionally well modelled Dark Glass Microtubes B7K Ultra, or a pedal I really enjoyed reviewing the Vintage Ultra. Both pedals have their own characteristics. I’d say the B7K is a more modern vibe and the Vintage gets the old school low mids warmth. The signal path is the same on both - we have the ability to blend our clean bass sound with a tailored drive tone. The blended signal is then passed through to a four-band EQ with a pair of preset switches to set the centre frequencies for the Low and High Mids.


The Drive section of the pedal features a dial for adjusting the amount of saturation, over on the top right-hand side along with a blend knob and overall level. Between the two modelled devices I would say most of your bases are covered! If you don’t get the favour you want off the bat, then a pair of graphic toggle switches do exactly like the hardware counterparts. The Attack switch manipulates the signal going into the treble side of the drive and the Grunt switch does the same for the bass frequencies of the drive. That is enough to get you some pretty incredible sounds. The fact that being a plug-in means you can save these settings so they are exactly the same no matter when you open the session up. The pedal will also pass a stereo signal path should you be running that in your DAW too.


Neural who carefully crafted this plugin didn’t just stop there and, knowing that bassists and producers the worldwide are producing crushing tones without an amp in sight, have modelled a Darkglass DG210C cabinet and not one, but seven well-known microphone types to “mic up” your virtual speakers. Two at a time no less! The microphones can be adjusted in virtual space for a position on the cone and distance from the cabinet too as well as level and tweeter level adjustments per Microphone. If for some reason you just aren’t happy with the options, then Neural has also offered an “Impulse Response” loader too. If that means nothing to you right now, I’d suggest looking that one up as it’s a big subject!


I must say that having reviewed the actual DG210C cabinet, this is a great profile and will work in a number of music scenarios, not necessarily the natural leanings to a driven tone.


Due to space, I won’t go into all of the control panel options, but there’s certainly enough here to ensure that this plugin will drop straight in to your session with ease and reared you with those Darkglass tones.


I am very impressed, and I know that a band that I have been working with are using the plugin for both their EP and Album releases.

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Peter Green / Ivar Bjørnson

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