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Lunastone - The Pusher boost pedal

Issue #46

The Pusher is exactly what it says it is – a clean boost pedal offering up to 15dB level boost
Sam Bell


No compromise clean boosting
Solid construction
A thoroughbred Pro pedal

None at all

Lunastone – The Pusher boost pedal

We checked out three of Danish maker LunaStone's pro-class effects in GI 44 but weren't able at that stage to get our hands on the fourth pedal in the company's line-up – the Pusher. Now Sam Bell completes the set.

In the world of guitar effects there seems to be a huge surge of micro-pedals at the moment, all designed take up a small foot print on our well thought-out pedal boards. There is a downside to this otherwise positive movement, however – or at least, there can be – as some I have encountered seem to suffer from their makers having compromised on component quality along the way. Here though, we are taking a look at a micro pedal that isn’t compromised in any way at all and really has a lot to offer from its small package. It's The Pusher, a brand new boost pedal from the Danish maker, LunaStone.

The Pusher is exactly what it says it is – a clean boost pedal offering up to 15dB level boost. A boost pedal can be used to push your valve amp into more saturated stages of overdrive or if strategically placed in your pedal chain, as a volume boost for those knee sliding guitar solos that I’ve seen you do! You can also use the added boost from this pedal in front of the amp to emphasise the details and characteristics of your desired tone. 

When the pedal is used at low boost levels in front of the amp, you get a nice bit of push where the pick attack gets slightly accented, the natural compression this brings to the signal chain in front of the amp creates a rewarding spongy feeling when playing and makes notes pop out the fretboard a bit more.

At higher levels of boost, with a light bit of overdrive on the amp, the LunaStone Pusher drives your amp into a fully saturated overdrive for screaming bends, pinch harmonics and shredding riffs. The pick attack is accented even more now due to the natural compression this presents to your signal chain - all the time however, the tone of the amp and guitar isn’t sacrificed, it's actually beefing up the tone in the lower middle range by tightening up the lower spectrum of our sound. Which leads me onto an important point about this pedal. Whilst it's a clean boost to emphasise your tone and push the amp into further states of saturation, some clean boosts do this at the expense of some of the frequencies of your natural tone. The LunaStone Pusher pedal, on the other hand, keeps these frequencies intact and keeps your tone sounding nice and fat (if you want it that way, after all it's down to how you set your amp!). This pedal certainly adds to your tone but without any fake ingredients and certainly doesn’t take anything away from your tone either. 

Constructionally, this pedal is very well built. As a regularly gigging musician, my pedals get a beating! I do own a few micro pedal types and I normally have to place them strategically on the board so I can see them properly and not trip over them when stamping on one, so The Pusher appealed to me from the moment I took it out of the box, feeling reassuringly well made, with a reinforced footswitch, a large boost control knob that is made to last and a really cool large magnified blue LED so if you can’t hear your tones being boosted (I don’t think that will happen with this pedal!) you can definitely see it's being boosted from a mile away. The input and output sockets are also reinforced so what you have here is a thoroughly professional pedal made to be used hard and to be entirely reliable when it is. I would love to have this on my pedal board and I would recommend checking it out for some quality clean boost action!



Issue #75

Peter Green / Ivar Bjørnson

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