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Issue #45 'Mick Ralphs'

Welcome to GI 45, a difficult issue to put together due to the tragic death of Michael Casswell in an accident back in September. We have a tribute to Mike, a great friend of everyone on the magazine and one of our most popular writers, inside this issue. We wondered whether we should run Mike's interview with the amazing Mick Ralphs, who has been a mainstay of straight-ahead Rock guitar since the 1970s. This was the last interview Mike undertook for us and one that I know he greatly enjoyed doing, so it seems only right to run it as intended. Mick Ralphs was one of the driving forces behind Mott The Hoople and went on to found the even more successful Bad Company – I know he and Mike got on really well together, so it seemed right to share it.

We also have a few absences from this issue, due to the usual seasonal colds, flu and gigging commitments but we hope to be back to (almost) full strength for GI 46. On a much happier note, we have three Peavey Piranha amps to give away with this issue, so make sure you enter this issue's competition. Good luck and I'll see you next time!

In this Issue


  • Mick Ralphs Special– Mick Ralphs – Mick Ralphs has been a driving force in two of Rock’s most iconic bands – Moot The Hoople and Bad Company. In his fi nal interview for GI, Michael Casswell met the master of open tunings and hard rocking riffs.
  • GI pays tribute to a much loved and admired contributor.
  • Jamie Humphries guides you through the riffing splendour (and open tuning mysteries) of Bad Company’s guitar man.


  • WIN one of THREE Peavey 6505 Piranha micro heads in our great free entry competition!



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  • Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 T
  • Ibanez RC2720 PR
  • Music Man Stingray and Cutlass
  • AXL Bel Air
  • Fishman Fluence Devin Townsend Signature pickups
  • Bohemian Surf Wax Oil Can guitar
  • Peavey XXX II head
  • Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister DeLuxe 40 head
  • Ernie Ball Expression and Overdrive pedals
  • Xvive XU2 wireless guitar system
  • Anasounds Utopia and Savage FX pedals



  • Jaime Vendera’s Vocal Bootcamp Season 2
  • Studiomaster DigiLIVE 16 mixer
  • Peavey P2 powered line array system

The bassment

  • Dingwall NG2 and Combustion 4 basses
  • Ibanez DTB400 Destroyer bass
  • Bergantino B|Amp and HDN112 cabinet



Making Tracks 150 Andi Picker on sessions for songwriting Pt. 3 Dynaudio Lyd 7 monitors

  • Lewitt LCT640 TS large diaphragm condenser mic
  • Soundtoys 5.1 Plugin suite


  • Taylor 410e-R dreadnought
  • Martin 000-15M
  • Cort ASO4C


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