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Issue #44 'Robin Trower'

It's always a huge pleasure to welcome back old friends to GI and never more so when it's the great Robin Trower – a masterful guitarist who epitomises 'old school'. Robin is a 'touch' and 'feel' player and it was fascinating to see him jamming along with our very own Sam Bell, who in many ways epitomises (the best) of young advanced players today. Make sure you watch it, inside! Sam was on double duty as he also got to play host to Innes Sibun, a guitarist who has already tasted life in the 'big league' when he was touring with Robert Plant and who could be set for it again as part of a fine new band backing the Blues singer Sari Schorr. Innes came into the GI studio to film. Again this is another interview not to be missed!

Finally a quick word about absentees! Giorgio Serci's many fans will be disappointed not to find a column from him in this issue but he will be back next month!

Don't forget, we want your suggestions of products you'd like to see reviewed, or artists you'd like us to interview. We can't always get the interviews we want but we do take your suggestions seriously aand try as hard as we can to track down the artists you ask for. Just email me your suggestions -

In this Issue


  • Robin Trower – Sam Bell visits Robin Trower at the Blues legend's private studio for an enthralling interview with one of the greatest 'touch' players and a true master of tone!
  • Innes Sibun – He has a successful band of his, has toured the USA, South America and Europe with Robert Plant and is now a part of Blue phenomenon Sari Schorr's new band. Sam Bell welcomed him to the GI studio for a fascinating interview and some serious playing.


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  • All the featured downloads from this issue + exclusive Guitar Pro Lite tab software FREE download!

Reviews - Guitars, AmpS & FX

  • Ibanez RG 3770DX
  • Patrick Eggle Drop Top 95
  • Godin Core CT
  • Reverend Billy Corgan Signature
  • Epiphone Casino
  • Magnatone Panoramic combo
  • Peavey Piranha 6505 head
  • LunaStone Three Stage Rocket, Wise Guy & Big Fella FX
  • TC Electronic Wire Tap recorder
  • Xvive Dynarock and Sweet Leo FX
  • Electro-Harminic 22500 Dual Stereo Looper

Live Sound!

Everything you need to take your music live!

  • Jaime Vendera's Vocal Bootcamp Season 2


  • Soundcraft Signature Series 12MTK mixer
  • Samson XP 800 portable PA

Making Tracks

  • Recording for the practical musician
  • Andi Picker on sessions for songwriting Pt. 2
  • Audient ID4 audio interface
  • Softube Vintage Amp Room software

The Quiet Room

  • Seagull Artist Mosaic Element
  • Larivee P-03 Limited Edition
  • Aria Delta Player 111DP

The Bassment

  • Music Man Cutlass and Caprice bass guitars
  • Laney Nexus SL 112 combo
  • Xotic 'Liteweight' Jazz 5 bass
  • LR Baggs Stadium Bass DI


  • Tom Quayle Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts
  • Sam Bell - Extreme Shredding
  • Lewis Turner - The Art of Jazz Soloing
  • Andy Wood - Country guitar
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