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Cort C4 PLUS bass

Issue #43

Cort's new C4 Plus is an update to the original C4 models and includes some nice little refinements such as a MarkBass MB 1 active pre-amp and attractive zebrawood body wings that show off a striking grain through a satin tobacco sunburst finish. Between those zebrawood wings is a mahogany centre piece which is capped with maple according to the Cort website. I must correct myself as I may not have made that clear in the video, having omitted the mahogany part!  Either way, it’s stunning I think. The burst around the edges of the bass looks great. Mahogany is a great tone wood, as is maple for that matter.

The maple neck has a rosewood fretboard with 24 tidy frets. Moving down the bass neck we have a nice modern high mass bridge with quick release string anchoring points.

The body contours and satin finish look great, with the black hardware and matching complement of Bartolini MK-1 model soap bar pickups. They are hooked up to the aforementioned MarkBass pre-amp which does a great job of adding life and tone boost to the bass that both acoustically and when plugged in certainly had a forward mid-character. The EQ is a super addition from a company well known for its clean sounding amplifiers. It provides active bass, middle and treble equalising controls, a pickup balancer and a master volume adjustment. As I demonstrate in the video, there is also an active/passive switch to bypass the equaliser altogether.

Detail finds its way up to the headstock too; a matching headstock again showing off the zebrawood grain and sunburst colour scheme. The familiar small enclosed gear keys take care of tuning and with the downsized headstock, it's no surprise that there is no neck dive to worry about.

The slim neck profile means that it is really easy for smaller hands to work around, so this would be ideal for someone with a small frame or struggling to stretch over one of the wider bass necks on the market today.

Price point, well, it is an entry-level instrument, however there’s a lot going for this bass that others in the same price band have failed to grasp.

To sum up, for those with a lower budget, I think this is a bass you need to look at. It's got nice hardware on board, it looks great with that exotic wood. The only thing that held it back for me is really only a personal one - indeed it depends on what you are looking for in an instrument - but I found I had to EQ more than I would have liked to tame the mid-focus of the bass’s inherent tone. On the other hand that might be exactly the sound you are looking for so, again, it's something you need to try for yourself.

Cort is certainly trying very hard just now. This C Plus is great value for money and if you are feeling a little more flush then I would recommend looking at the B range or even the A range Corts, including the ultra models which feature higher quality hardware and some really nice tasteful choices of wood tops. We’ve reviewed the A6 in the Gi Issue 36, and that was also a superb instrument for the money.


Issue #75

Peter Green / Ivar Bjørnson

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