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Issue #40 'Brian May'

Brian May is a unique figure in Rock guitar and he has been interviewed on many occasions in many different publications, so when we were finally able to arrange an interview with him, we decided to take a different route. Instead of sending a mere journalist (!) to interview him and his  highly regarded tech expert, Pete Malandrone, we sent Jamie Humphries, who as our features explain has a unique inside approach to the Brian May team. We like to think we've produced the definitive Brian May special as a result.

Also on board is Zakk Wylde, making a welcome return to GI, telling us why he's going into the guitars and amps business!

Don't forget the usual abundance of reviews, columns and this issue's stonking competition opportunity to win a complete set of Moog's Minifooger pedals - in our estimation some of the finest effects pedals money can buy!

In this Issue


  • Brian May - Jamie Humphries meets one one of the most significant and gifted guitarists of the past 50 years. Gary Cooper examines what it is that makes Brian May's playing unique, while Jamie adds his thoughts on working with a living legend.
  • Pete Malandrone - It's not often that a guitarist's 'Tech' becomes a major figure in his own right but Brian May's right hand man, Pete Malandrone, plays a major role in keeping one of Rock's most idiosyncratic collections of gear working, as well as helping to grow the range of instruments in the Brian May Guitars stable. Jamie Humphries interviews and offers a definitive guide to the many variants of the 'Red Special'.
  • Zakk Wylde - Filmed live at this year's NAMM show in LA, Zakk tells Stuart Bull about his plans to launch an entiure range of guitar-related products. Gary Cooper adds the background.

Tech Session

  • Brian May


  • All the featured downloads from this issue + exclusive Guitar Pro Lite tab software FREE download!


  • Brian May Guitars Super
  • Brian May Guitars Special Brian May Fryer/Knight and KAT Strap Treble boosters
  • Brian May Deacy amp
  • Vox AC30 c2 Custom
  • GJ2 Select guitar
  • GJ2 Inspiration Concorde guitar
  • ESP LTD ESP SN-1000W guitar
  • Hagstrom Impala guitar
  • Panama Inferno 100 & Shaman 20 amps
  • Taurus Stomp Head 5 amp
  • Moog MiniFooger Flange & Chorus
  • Pigtronix Ecolution 2 Ultra Pro
  • Neo Instruments Ventilator II



  • Tom Quayle
  • Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts
  • Sam Bell - Rock Improvisation
  • Lewis Turner - Back To Basics
  • Andy Wood - Country guitar

Live Sound

  • LD Systems MAUI 5 PA system
  • Wi Digital Systems AudioLink Pro & Sure-Ears in-ear system
  • Studiomaster Drive 12a active speakers

Making Tracks

  • Andi Picker on Archiving your Projects Pt.2
  • AKG C314 LDC microphone
  • Presonus Eris 4.5 monitors
  • Tascam Celesonic 20-20 interface

The Quiet Room Tracks

  • Brian May Rhapsody electro-acoustic
  • Guild F1512E Westerley 12-string
  • PRS SE Alex Lifeson Signature electro-acoustic
  • Art & Lutherie Folk Spruce
  • Takamine Pro Series p3ny
  • Column: Giorgio Serci's Creative Fingerstyle

The Bassment

  • Mayones BE4 Ash
  • MTD KIngston kz5 5-string
  • EBS Reidmar 750 head & Classic Line 4x10
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