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Issue #36 'Joe Satriani'

Joe Satriani is, as they say, a hard act to follow but we're going to give it a try as in addition to an interview with the great man, we also have a Tom Quayle Tech Session, showing you some of the tricks and techniques that help make Joe the phenomenon he is.

If the simpler but heartfelt world of Blues is more your thing then please welcome Laurence Jones, a young, award winning Blues guitarist who is now starting to make his name in the US, having already won huge acclaim in the UK and Europe. We have live performances from Laurence as well as an interview.

Our reviews this issue have a special extra. We wanted to review the EMG David Gilmour pickup set, so we bought a Squier Strat, fitted the EMGs, reviewed the guitar before and after, and are giving it away in our amazing free entry competition! Don't miss it!

Packed with our authoritative gear reviews on guitars, amps, FX, bass, plus reviews and features on live performance and recording, GI is the word's fastest-growing guitar mag. Read on and find out why - then spread the word!

In this Issue


  • Joe Satriani - Joe's latest album Shockwave is out now and GI's Stuart Bull catches-up with the great man for an in-depth interview. Richard Morgan profiles.
  • Laurence Jones  - Poised for stardom in the States and with a sizeable following in the UK and Europe, Laurence Jones came into GI's studio for a live session and interview with Levi Clay. 

Tech Session 

  • Satriani's Shockwave - Tom Quayle guides you through some of the style points of the great Joe Satriani.


  • All the featured downloads from this issue + exclusive Guitar Pro Lite tab software FREE download!


  • Ibanez Prestige Series RG2550z
  • Review special! EMG DG20 David Gilmour pickups fitted to a Squier Affinity Stratocaster
  • Rickenbacker 1993 plus 300 Series 12-string
  • Danelectro DC59 TSB-12 12-string
  • Yamaha Pacifica 611 VFM
  • Marshall 2555x Head & 2551AC cab
  • Laney Lionheart L5 Studio head & cab
  • EBS Red Label FX
  • DigiTech Trio Band Creator & FS3x Footswitch
  • Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter tremolo
  • Boss Special Edition OD1-X & DS1-X


  • Tom Quayle                                                                                                                                    
  • Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts
  • Sam Bell - Rock Improvisation
  • Lewis Turner - Back To Basics
  • Martin Goulding - Modern Rock Techniques                                                        
  • NEW SERIES Andy Wood - Country guitar                                                            
  • Cameron Allen - From Blues to Jazz                                                     

Live Sound

Everything you need to take your music live!                                                    
Jaime Vendera's Vocal Bootcamp Season 2

  • Mackie Thump and SRM active speakers

Making Tracks

Recording for the practical musician
Andi Picker on spending money  Pt. 1                                                                                                                           

  • Audient ASP800 mic pre-amp & converter
  • Heil PR30 dynamic microphone
  • PreSonus Studio One V3 DAW update
  • The Quiet Room Tracks
  • Lowden F50C fan fret acoustic
  • Ashbury AG-160 acoustic
  • Tanglewood TN5 D CE electro-acoustic
  • The Bassment
  • Vigier Excess Original II bass
  • Cort Artisan A6 6-string bass
  • EBS Black Label Studio Edition FX
  • Orange OBC210 mini bass cab


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