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Ultima Capo

Issue #35

Based in Oregon USA, A&E Craft is a small family company that came into being as a result of a search for the ideal capo. With no background in engineering or manufacturing, the family defined their dream capo and, having found someone who could turn their ideas into reality, launched the Ultima Capo - a trigger-style, quick-release capo suitable not only for 6-string acoustic and electric guitars, but also for other fretted instruments such as banjo, bouzouki, mandolin and ukulele.

Manufactured in aluminium and available in chrome or black finishes, the Ultima capo is strong, light in weight and comes with a lifetime guarantee. High density silicone pads and a shielded spring both protect your instrument and ensure that its strings are held down with the correct amount of pressure.

Although the spring is strong enough to hold your strings down properly, it is not over-tensioned and this, along with a silicon cushion on the rear of the capo, makes one-handed operation relatively easy and non-slip. As you’ll see from the video, the tension setting is so good that I could capo all the way (and I mean all the way) up the neck of a guitar without once having to retune - a feat that I have never been able to achieve with any other capo.

If you’re a habitual capo user and you’re looking for an easy-to-use trigger capo that doesn’t push or pull your guitar out of tune when you use it then the Ultima capo may well be the answer for you.

One point to note is that you won’t find it in your local music store. A&E Craft has taken the decision to market the Ultima capo worldwide exclusively through, which means that prospective purchasers outside North America will have to wait a few days (and pay additional freight) for delivery. Fortunately, at the reduced price that the Ultima is currently being sold at on ($12.49 instead of the list $39.99) it will be below the duty and VAT threshold in many countries.



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