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TC Polytune Clip

Issue #35

So you though TC Electronic's Polytune was clever? So did we. And then the Danish wizards sent us something even more stunning. Tom Quayle was one of the first to sample the Polytune Clip.

With its original Polytune pedal, TC Electronic totally reinvented and redefined the tuner pedal for guitar players. With a physics defying Polyphonic mode, the Polytune allowed guitarists to quickly and accurately tune all six strings at the same time from a single, high quality display with a secondary single string mode for even more accuracy. Over the last few years the company has refined its original design with the diminutive Polytune Mini and offering improvements to the tuning accuracy and display quality, resulting in a pedal that has become an essential item on so many guitar players' boards.

Roll on mid-2015 and TC has decided that the Polytune mini just isn’t small enough, so they've produced the truly staggeringly tiny Polytune Clip, a fully featured version of the original pedal design in a headstock clip-on format. The construction is remarkable in that it appears to be nothing more than a lovely display with some tiny buttons on - quite where they have packed all the electronics is beyond this reviewer. TC has really gone all out on the design front, starting with the packaging that harks strongly towards the minimalist designs of a certain well known fruity computer company!

Sliding open the box reveals a small rectangular tuner that is about 95% display with a strong metal, padded clip underneath for attaching to your guitar. The whole device pivots around the bottom of the display and feels extremely sturdy and well made. Operation is incredibly simple with only three buttons to play with, a large on/off button and two smaller buttons on the side to switch between various drop tunings and standard or strobe operation.

The Ultra Bright LED display is stunning to look at and a pleasure to read. It can also be rotated to the required angle for easy viewing for each guitar in use. The sheer size of the screen eclipses all other clip-on tuners in terms of ease of use and accuracy of the read out and, of course, this is the only polyphonic clip-on tuner on the market.  

In use, both the standard chromatic and strobe modes offer extremely accurate tuning capabilities with the strobe function offering a claimed +/-0.02 cent accuracy. The polyphonic mode still creates a sense of wonder even after all of this time and this sense is renewed on a device with such a tiny footprint.

Once again TC has struck gold with the Polytune Clip and it seems that the company can literally do no wrong in the guitar world. At the retail price the Clip is a complete steal and you will inevitably see them popping up at gigs wherever you go as they become the next must have accessory for guitar players all over the world. A must buy once again from TC. So good that we have given it that rarest of things from GI - a full five star rating. 

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Jim Root

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