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Issue #35 'Joe Bonamassa'

Joe Bonamassa is a phenomenally hard worker (not to mention being a great guitarist!) and that's the theme for this issue as our second lead is Pat Travers, a man who has been constantly rocking audiences for decades. Both giants are interviewed inside.

Another hard worker is the acoustic master Peppino D'Agostino who duets with GI's Giorgio Serci as well as giving us an interview and a handful of stunning live performances which show why he is regarded as one of the world's finest acoustic guitarists.

Finally on the subject of hard work, the late BB King was legendary for his gigging stamina. Stuart Bull offers the second part of his tribute to the great man, who died earlier this year.

We have all this, plus a huge clutch of gear reviews, singing tuition from the world's top Rock vocal coach, Jaime Vendera, who starts a brand new series, plus technique columns, recording tips and more.

And then there's this issue's stunning free-entry competition to win a genuine US-made PRS S2 Mira semi-hollow guitar!

Guitar Interactive - it just goes on getting better!

In this Issue


  • Joe Bonamassa - Stuart Bull catches up with one of the world's most respected Blues guitarists. Richard Morgan adds his thoughts on a stunning career. 
  • Pat Travers  - Stuart Bull meets Canada's Rock road warrior. Levi Clay profiles.

Tech Session

  • The King Is Gone  Pt. 2 - following the sad death of Blues legend B.B. King, Stuart Bull offers the second part of his tribute Tech Session.


  • All the featured downloads from this issue + exclusive Guitar Pro Lite tab software FREE download!


  • PRS P245 semi-hollow
  • PRS S2 Mira semi-hollow
  • Schecter Banshee 8-string
  • BC Rich JRV Edge
  • Fender Roadworn Jaguar
  • Hughes & Kettner TriAmp head
  • Roland Blues Cube combo
  • Boss WAZA DM-2W Delay
  • TC Electronic Polytune Clip
  • Radial Headload
  • Tech 21 Richie Kotzen OMG Signature overdrive + Fly Rig 5 & Richie Kotzen RK5 Signature Fly Rig
  • Nemphasis VT Compressor, Muff Distortion, Liquid Mind Analogue Chorus & Oktopus Power Supply
  • D'Addario NYXL strings 


  • Tom Quayle                                                                                                                                    
  • Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts
  • NEW SERIES - Sam Bell - Rock Improvisation
  • Lewis Turner - Back To Basics
  • Martin Goulding - Modern Rock Techniques                                                        
  • Steve Trovato - Country style guitar                                                            
  • Cameron Allen - From Blues to Jazz                                                    


Live Sound

Everything you need to take your music live!

NEW SERIES! - Jaime Vendera's Vocal Bootcamp Season 2

  • Sennheisier D1 digital wireless guitar & vocal systems
  • TC-Helicon Play Electric FX
  • TC-Helicon Play Acoustic FX

Making Tracks

Recording for the practical musician

Andi Picker on plug-in presets.

  • Tascam VLS5 monitors
  • Toontrack EZmix
  • Focusrite iTrack Pocket

The Quiet Room Tracks

Peppino D'Agostino - voted the 'world's best acoustic guitarist'  Peppino speaks with Giorgio Serci and plays live in the Quiet Room studio.

The Bassment

  • Enfield Lionheart 5-string bass
  • Boss BB-1X Bass Driver
  • Phil Jones Double Four BG75 combo
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