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Issue #34 'Robben Ford'

We're marking Robben's interview with a Tech Session, of course, but we're also marking the sad death of the Blues genius B.B. King with a special tribute Tech Session, both recorded for us by Licklibrary star Stuart Bull. Don't miss these two!

Due to pressure of gigging commitments, out Live Sound! section is a bit truncated this time but don't worry - PA gear reviews will be back in Issue 35, as will Part Two of our new column from Cameron Allen, which also fell foul of gigging commitments.

Meanwhile, don't miss our two fantastic free-entry competitions. We're giving you the chance to win a clutch of fabulous Morley FX pedals and another to with a superb Ibanez AW400CE electro acoustic guitar!

Our latest batch of subscriber figures are just in and the good news is that our readership is not only growing but growing faster all the time. Keep spreading the word, folks - the more readers, the more we can bring you from Guitar Interactive! 

In this Issue


  • Robben Ford - Where the Blues went next. Levi Clay meets one of the world's most respected players for a revealing interview.
  • Dan Patlansky - South Africa's rising star of Blues guitar gives us an exclusive performance and a full interview with Levi Clay.

Tech Session

  • The King Is Gone - following the sad death of Blues legend B.B. King, Stuart Bull offers the first of a two-part tribute Tech Session dedicated to the master. 
  • Robben Ford - where the Blues went next - Stuart Bull delivers a Robben Ford masterclass.


  • All the featured downloads from this issue + exclusive Guitar Pro Lite tab software FREE download!


  • Vigier Excalibur Thirteen Ltd Edition & Excalibur Ultra Active/Passive                  
  • Fender American Standard Shawbucker Strat
  • Godin Progression Plus
  • Reverend Descent baritone
  • Marshall Class 5 Roulette combo
  • Eventide H9 Max
  • Morley M2 Mini Volume,Power Fuzz Wah, Morley Man FX Boost and Accu-Tuner pedals
  • TC Electronic Helix Phaser & Viscous Vibe
  • Pigtronix Infinity Looper & Envelope Phaser
  • Maxon OD808X Overdrive Extreme


  • Tom Quayle                                                                                                                                    
  • Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts
  • Sam Bell - Extended Guitar
  • Lewis Turner - Back To Basics
  • Martin Goulding - Modern Rock Techniques                                                        
  • Steve Trovato - Country style guitar                                                     

Live Sound

Everything you need to take your music live!

Exclusive - Jaime Vendera's Vocal Bootcamp pt. 13

Making Tracks

Recording for the practical musician

Andi Picker on re-amping. 

  • Audient iD22 interface
  • iZotope Ozone 6
  • Fractal Audio CabLab

The Quiet Room Tracks

  • Taylor 616 CE + Andy Powers on the new Taylor 600 series                       
  • Ibanez AW400 + AW400CE                                                                                 
  • Cort L-500

The Bassment

  • Fender American Standard Jaguar Bass
  • Laney Nexus SL head & cabs
  • Barefaced Big Twin 2 and Retro Two 10 cabs
  • Ashdown CTM 100 head & 4x10 cab
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