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Issue #30 'Scott Ian'

Welcome to GI issue 30! We've two very contrasting players interviewed this time around - Anthrax's Scott Ian, and one of Rock's true veterans - Martin Barre, Jethro Tull's guitarist, now embarked on a solo career. What they both have in common (besides being gifted guitar players) is total professionalism. People who don't know anything about the music industry often think that being a musician is an easy life. Well it isn't. You can be the finest player on earth but if you want a lasting career then even more important than raw talent is application. Both Scott Ian and Martin Barre have it in spades.

Meanwhile, we have three great competitions in this issue, we meet the winner of 2014's International Guitar Idol competition, we have bags of columns, reviews, features - and we're still entirely free!

The next time we meet it will be 2015, so for now, thank you for making 2014 a great year for everyone on the magazine. We hope you'll stay with us next year too and remember to bring your friends - the more readers we have, the better we can make the magazine! 

In this Issue


  • Martin Barre - Barre Chords The Jethro Tull veteran, now embarked on a solo career, speaks to Gary Cooper, while Richard Morgan considers one of the longest careers in one of Rock's most successful ever bands.
  • Scott Ian - Anthrax: still spreading. Doug Cartwright meets the master of thrash metal guitar.

Tech Session

  • Andre Niere - Levi Clay meets the winner of Guitar Idol 2014, a Brazilian player who's destined for stardom.


  • All the featured downloads from this issue + exclusive Guitar Pro Lite tab software FREE download!


  • PRS S2 Standard 22
  • Ibanez Destroyer DT 520
  • Schecter Keith Merrow KM-7 7-string
  • Peerless Tonemaster Player
  • Revelation RJT-60
  • Randall Scott Ian Ultimate Nullifier head
  • Blackstar Fly 3 mini amp
  • Howling Wolf 5/15 combo
  • Vox AmPlug 2 AC30
  • Seymour Duncan pickup booster
  • Wampler Thirty Something and Latitude FX pedals 



  • Tom Quayle                                                                                                                                   
  •  Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts
  • Sam Bell - Extended Guitar
  • Lewis Turner - Back To Basics
  • Rick Graham - Unlocking Your Musical Potential
  • Martin Goulding - Modern Rock Techniques                                                     
  • Steve Trovato - Country style guitar

Live Sound

Everything you need to take your music live!                                                     
Exclusive - Jaime Vendera's Vocal Bootcamp pt. 10

  • Electro-Voice ETX 10P and 15SP PA rig
  • Proel M1622 USB mixer
  • Beyerdynamic Tour Gear mics
  • Radial StageBug SB-1 & SB-2 DI boxes

Making Tracks

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The Quiet Room Tracks

  • Lowden 32 SE Stage Edition electro acoustic
  • Luna Vicki Genfan Signature and Art Deco electro acoustics
  • Seagull S6 Mahogany Deluxe electro acoustic
  • Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze strings

The Bassment

  • Ibanez SRF 700BBF fretless bass
  • Fender Modern Player Short Scale Jazz bass
  • Orange Mk III AD 200B valve bass head
  • Red Witch Factotum Bass Sub-Octave Drive pedal
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